About Benign media

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As a contribution towards a better world, “Benign media” will provide Pleasant, Positive, Uplifting, Motivating, Inspiring and Fun articles from around the world.

We’ll avoid offensive, sensational, depressing, de-motivating or fear mongering content.

If this initiative makes any difference to you, please give us a shout! It will be a big help!

History – Short version

As we have been watching with disappointment and sadness at the sensational and depressing media outputs over the years and their impact in our habits, outlook towards future, outlook towards others, health etc, Benign Media as an idea started brewing.

After much thought and waiting, we finally got things moving on 1 Jan 2017 with booking the b9media.in domain

The main motivation behind this venture is to have an outlet for Pleasant, Positive, Uplifting, Motivating, Inspiring and Fun articles and events, and also showcase acts of kindness and generosity by noble souls all around us, including you!

History – Long version

I am a regular joe (or regular raj, since I am from India) from South India. Part of a wonderful family that taught and trained good values. Completed my schooling and Grad in India and spent a wonderful few years in U.S. , which was wonderful time filled with fun, travel, exploring and also meeting my future wife.

Back in India and building a company for the past many years and working on doing the best to become better.

For the past many years I have been disappointed by the focus on the negative and sensational news spewed by the media. This has grown into an industry of late, including the harmful Fake-news phenomenon.

At the same time, I also started noticing media and magazines that showcase good, positive news, thoughts and articles!

B9Media was a culmination of changes and impacts happening to over a period of many years…..

Around 2005, I read “The alchemist” from Paulo Koelho.  Alchemist certainly hit it on the head with the fact that there are more riches beneath our feet rather than far away. The end of rainbow is right at our doorstep and the pot of gold is in our hands. No idea about the gold or purpose of life at that point

Over the next few years, read many other books including Robin Sharma’s “The Monk who sold his Ferrari” . It was the first book that sowed seeds of thinking better. I still check out Robin Sharma’s books, podcasts once a while and love his concise, clear thoughts on personal growth.

Roughly around 2008, thanks to my good friend’s introduction, I signed up for Seth Godin’s blog. It is unbelievable that it has been about 9 years and every day I have been receiving a snippet of tip, knowledge and wisdom from him DAILY!. Great, Thanks Seth!

Year 2012 was an impact year with travel, new experiences and loss of a dear friend.  Read somewhere that “loss of a close one builds resilience”. Don’t know that, but it threw my regular life into a tizzy. Between 2014 and 2016, more losses, more changes to perspectives in many ways, mainly as motivation to help the world in possible ways.

Like Seth godin (and many others say), this is the best time to live. We are enjoying facilities, safety and luxuries never experienced in the history of mankind.  Let’s make the most of it rather than be beguiled and hypnotized into thinking that we are surrounded by problems.

Around 2012, I also started listening to Mahatria Ra (http://www.infinitheism.com). He is another inspiring, motivational teacher. One of his speeches is about how the people who do good should work together to create better impact. His exhorting good collaboration and propagating good news is also one of the levers to bring this venture into life.

“Yaadum oore, yaavarum kelir” (Every place is home (town), Everyone is kin). This is part of ancient tamil poetry, Supposedly written by a poet Kaniyan pongudranar before 2000 (Yes, Two thousand!) years.  Just think of the vastness of thought behind such words!. It creates immense respect to the amount of wisdom of the ages.

We would like to be guided by such broad thoughts of  global village and global kinship and bring in as much positive information from all over the world and share it all around the world!

“Ethanai kodi inbam vaithai engal iraiva?” (How many billions of pleasure you have created for me, my God?!) by the tamil poet, freedom fighter and social reformer Subramania Bharati is an embodiment to the happiness bestowed upon us by our creator (check out the lyrics and rough translations here &. Listen to the song here and here, here). The point to note is that at the time of writing this song, the poet and his family were facing acute shortage of things we consider as pleasure – Food, wealth and material things, and still he was able to write with gratitude about the pleasures created and bestowed on him!.

That is the kind of spirit that will guide us in showcasing and sharing the pleasures and goodwill by which we all have been bestowed in billions.

May the god almighty and my elders help me in this endeavor!

Our Mission:

  • Provide Hope, Happiness and Inspiration to people by sharing Pleasant, Positive, Uplifting, Motivating, Inspiring and Fun information from around the world.

Our Values: 

  • Avoid negative news. Avoid negative words.
  • Avoid negative angles even if needed to convey a positive point. If such a case occurs, avoid the news/item rather than publishing it for the positive point. Too many other media are present to do this.
  • Avoid sensational, depressing, demotivating, fear mongering etc
  • Being correct is more important than being first or fast. No race to take shortcuts

Our Vision

  • 1 Million unique viewers by 5 yrs (2022)
  • 10 Mil unique viewers by 10 yrs (2027)
  • …….sky is the limit………