Alison Online courses – Over 750 Courses, over 9 Million Educated

Alison Online Courses is a popular online course publisher and a learning portal. Alison offers a whole lot of “Free” online courses, that if you have an internet connection, you do not have an excuse for not learning!

Alison has partnered with Top publishers like Microsoft, Google, MacMillan, many universities and reputed publishers and has a wide range of Courses ranging from Languages, Digital literacy, Computers, Programming, Marketing, Psychology, Business and Enterprise skills and many many more. There are more than 750 courses in Alison covering almost all the important topics

Alison offers Diploma courses as well!

Alison was inspired by  the UN Declaration of Human rights article “Everyone has the right to education” and strives towards realizing the vision that someday “Education shall be free…“. Alison has been Recognized by UNESCO through its Innovation in ICT in Education Award and a host of other awards

You can create a login with your email id or you can use your existing Google, Facebook or Yahoo id to join and start learning!

Check out the Alison website & also the Alison Courses Facebook page and add to your learning.

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