Love to travel? Tips from Elona Karaffin, working in NYC and enjoying $1000 trips around the world

If planning and going to one vacation a year looks like a big exercise to you, read on……

Meet “Elona the Explorer”. Elona Karaffin is in her 20s and works full time as financial analyst in busy-busy NYC. Interested in travel, she loves to spend weekends in relaxing and exotic locations all over the world.!

elona Karaffin in front of palace of Versailles
elona Karaffin, Versailles, France

Being a working person, she has traveled to Bali, Dubai, Poland, Istanbul, Copenhagen, Paris, Amsterdam, and Barcelona on weekend trips and short trips

On top of working in a busy city and travelling, Elona runs a charity called to raise money for kids for cancer treatment through which she has raised more than 100 thousand dollars!

wow! Great spirit and excellent information shared on her website

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