5 simple exercises to test your fitness

Group of men and women exercising in a Gym
Group of exercising men and women in a Gym

Group Fitness

There is a lot of information about health, lifestyle and fitness. There are also many self-proclaimed physicians dishing out all sorts of claims, counter-claims, medicines, alternative medicines regarding health. Here is a breath of fresh air!.

An article that talks about simple ways to test your fitness.

It is a relief to focus on the fitness rather than about your height, weight or BMI.

Here is a small set of exercises that lets you gauge your fitness based on flexibility of your upper body & lower body, Your Agility & movement and the Strength of your shoulders & Thighs. Test your fitness using http://www.theweek.in/features/lifestyle/5-easy-ways-to-test-your-fitness.html

Appreciations for The week in publishing a simple, positive article on fitness.

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