Can you pass the test of Resoluteness like the man with one hand?


A persons’s goal isn’t just a dream but a destiny when he is determined to make it a reality. Challenges turn into opportunities when a man is driven to win. Karoly Takacs was an example of this.

It was 1938. Karoly Takacs, a Hungarian sergeant was 28 years of age. He was the serial winner of several national and international shooting championships and had his eyes on the Olympian gold medal for the 25-meter Rapid fire pistol event. In fact everyone was certain that he’d be the one to win. His only dream was to make his hand the best at the game and prove it with an Olympic gold medal.

A grenade in the army training camp challenged his dream when it blew up his best hand!

He spent a month recovering in the hospital. Then he decided to focus on what he did have – his only hand. He couldn’t even write with his left hand, initially. Yet, after a year of training, he decided he was ready for competition.

In 1939, he went for the Hungarian national championships. When people congratulated him for his appearance, he said that he didn’t come to seek applause but to compete. It was almost a secret that he persisted in training the only hand and became contest ready. He considered the past to be an isolated event in his life. To everyone’s astonishment, Karoly Takacs won the championships.

He decided to continue his pursuit for the Olympian gold.

Unfortunately, it was the time of the world war & the 1940 Olympics in Tokyo was canceled due to the world war.

No unending resoluteness, Karoly continued his training and kept his eye on his goal of Olympic gold. Another blow came when the 1944 Olympics was also cancelled because of the war.

Statistics can be extrapolated and one could consider mathematical probability. Karoly chose to see only possibilities.

The 1948 Olympics was scheduled in London. Just before the competition, when Karoly met the reigning world champion Carlos Enrique Díaz Saenz Valiente, he was asked, “Why are you here?” He responded, “I’m here to learn.”

In the 1948 Olympics, when he was 38 years old, Karoly Takacs challenged the younger generation of players. He laughed at his own challenges and won after beating the world record by 10 points.

In 1952, Karoly became the first Olympian shooter to win two gold medals in a row. That record stood for more than 50 years till the 2004 summer Olympics. Karoly also won 35 Hungarian national shooting championships and ended his army career as a lieutenant colonel.

Who’ would’ve thought that the man could beat the physical pain of his hand blowing up and the blow to his spirit of staring at losing his life’s purpose to come back with flying colors.

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Karoly Takacs is an inspiration in resoluteness and perseverance!.

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