Pope Francis’ Ted Talk about the Future of You

His holiness Pope Francis delivered an interesting and moving speech in the TED forum about the “Future of you”. In his beautiful 15 minute speech he covered on why the future that is worth building is the one that includes everyone.

Here are a few points from the speech

  • Feel part of the interconnected world: We all need each other. Everything is connected and we need to restore the connection to a healthy state.
  • Do not carry a hatred or mistake from others. It is a deep flare in your heart.You can find Happiness by connecting to the outside world and by finding the harmony that connects all elements together.
  • Solidarity: We should take care of the needy and those that need help. (Surprisingly, or not in the case of Pope Francis, he touched on science and technology). Won’t it would be great if Science & Technology can also contribute to equality and inclusion?. Won’t it be great if along with finding planets orbiting millions of miles away, we can also notice and help the poor and needy who orbit around us?

Imbibe the spirit of the “Good Samaritan” who helped the Wounded and abandoned unknown person.

  • Revolution of Tenderness: Feel and share the love. Make it close and it becomes real.

Pope Francis also touched upon immigration with a poignant story about himself and his family

Be sure to check out the Video


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