Dubai gurudwara sets Guinness record with meal for people from 101 nations

Providing food for the hungry is one of the most satisfying and helpful act of kindness. Gurudwaras are known for their community food kitchens (or langar). A gurudwara (temple for Sikhs) in Dubai broke the Guinness record for having people from most nationalities having breakfast.

The “Breakfast for Diversity” was attended by 600 people from 101 countries who enjoyed the hour long breakfast on the premises of Guru Nanak Darbar in Jebel Ali gardens

Gurudwara (Sikhism Temple) in Dubai, with blue sky in the background
Gurudware in Dubai, Jebel Ali Gardens

This particular Gurudwara caters to over 50,000 devotees in UAE and serves food for those in need of it regardless of whether there is a world record at stake or not. On weekdays, they serve close to 1,000 meals and on weekends they serve up to 10,000 meals. Food is served regardless of a person’s nationality, caste, religion, gender or background.

The Gurudwara has served free meals to over 4 million people since its inception. This has been part of Gurudwara’s service to the community and their way of embracing diversity – Surender Kandhari, chairman of the Gurdwara Guru Nanak Darbar temple

As per the officials of the Gurudwara, “The Gurudwaras community kitchen serves free food to all visitors irrespective of their nationality, faith, caste or creed. We welcome visitors from all faiths and of all nationalities, as ‘interfaith understanding’ has always been one of the pillars of Sikhism faith!”

The officials from the Guinness Book of World Records confirmed that the Sikh temple broke the previous record of 55 nationalities having a continental breakfast at the Milan Expo in Italy in 2015.

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