Superman of Super 30 – Giving wings for a dream Future

Can you give wings to youngster’s dreams of good future?.  Anand kumar does it and he is a superman because he does it out of passion and without looking to make a business out of it.

Anand kumar was born to a government clerk and took a lot of interest in mathematics. Financial challenges  couldn’t discourage him as he believed that passion and dedication alone could make a man realize his dream. He was given the opportunity to study in Cambridge, but that didn’t fit within his budget. The demise of his father made him realize that his responsibility was at his hometown, with his family. He was offered his father’s job but he chose to start “The Ramanujam School of Mathematics”  instead.

He realized how important it was to overcome financial challenges when young Santosh, from Bihar,  sought his help to get into IIT. The young boy sold vegetables to feed his family. He had enthusiasm and passion, and was ready to work hard. All that he required were old books and clear guidance. Thus, the IIT Super 30 was born.

Young Santosh cleared the Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), which is recognized as one of the world’s toughest challenges and a gateway for a great future. From the roadside of Bihar, industry and determination alone made him a scientist at Belgium.

Anand_Ji_101-552x364The Super 30 has plenty of other stories, being a programme for the underprivileged. It started off in a room rented for Rs. 500 a day. Anand Kumar would harvest potatoes and sell papad, besides teach mathematics to fund the Super 30.

The most recent feat is  when 28 of the 30 passed the IIT-JEE, some of whom were children of daily-wage laborers, Shop helpers and migrant workers.

Anand kumar has been appreciated by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, former President of the United States Barack Obama, and many other established personalities. A British magazine recently recognized Anand Kumar as one of the 20 most innovative teachers in the world. Discovery Channel, besides many others, have released documentaries about the Super 30.  Super 30 was selected by Time magazine in the list of ‘The Best of Asia 2010’.

Check out the school website The school does not take donations nor any support from private or government agencies. The training is for one year and it is a free program including free lodging and food!!

Kudos to the man and his mission. Let it inspire more to be like him.



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