Goa beaches become a bit friendly

Goa’s beaches have become a bit more disabled friendly as there are plans to bring floating wheel chairs for disabled/differently persons not just to till the water but even float on it.

Read more about it in The Hindu – Wheelchair to open Goa’s beaches to all

Over the past year, a couple of initiatives have been attempted in India to make beaches for more friendly. These have been an attempt to build pathways for the differently-abled to get to the water.. Here are a few

Attempt in Gujarat’s famous Tithal beach. Read about it in India Today – Gujarat to have India’s first disabled-friendly beachIndia Today – Gujarat to have India’s first disabled-friendly beach

Disabled man floatign in sea using floating wheelchair
Disabled man floating in sea using floating wheelchair

Last year, in dec 2016, an attempt in the world’s second longest beach-Marina beach in Chennai.

Read about it in Indian express – Pathway to waters at Chennai’s Marina brings joy to differently abled

Happy to see such initiatives to bring joy to one and all


If you know of other beaches or areas that provide access or have experienced it, please share!

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