Goggles to help blind detect obstacles  – A small help to the visually challenged

A teenage kid in the small hilly state of Arunachal Pradesh in India has invented a new gadget to help the blind detect their way through obstacles.

Called Gadget For Blind, the goggles has a pair of ultrasound sensors on both sides that use Echolocation (like bats) to sense obstacles and play a beep sound to the wearer. One infra red sensor is also available in the middle of the goggles for the same purpose.

UNICEF in partnership with a few other organizations is reayd to laugh the goggles in the market and that along with the chief minister of the state Pema Khandu is assisting young Anang Tadar in coming up with prototypes and market ready version.

Here is more information about the invention in “The Hindu” – Arunachal teen develops goggles to help the blind

Let us wish Anang a grand success, shall we?

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