Move over Tobacco, Welcome organic farming

The fight against tobacco and its harmful effects seem to be progressing, albeit slowly. In the middle of 2016, the Indian government extended its support scheme to tobacco farmers in 10 more states to encourage them to switch to other crops.

According to the information from Tobacco Board which is part of the commerce department, FCV (flue cured Virginia) tobacco production in India has reduced from 60.97 million kgs to 52.29 million kgs over the last few years.

More news is coming about farmers slowly and steadily switching to other crops. Farmers in “Hassan in the state of Karnataka”, where about 8000 license tobacco cultivators are present, have been switching to Potato or Maize cultivation over the past few years extending of schemes to help farmers switch will surely help more farmers to switch to other crops.

In a latest development, farmers from  Santhanuthalapadu in Prakasam district in the state of Andhra Pradesh have quit growing tobacco to grow organic fruits and vegetables.

They are enjoying the satisfaction and good feeling of growing healthy food after growing harmful tobacco for many long years.


India Farming

For Organic farming, they use only natural bio pesticides made from neem and other such plants and use natural fertilizers like jeevamrutham and panchagavyam produced from cow dung and cow urine.

The farmers are now heavily into growing organic vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower, brinjal, tomato , capsicum etc and particularly fenugreek, which is most sought-after by those having high cholesterol, diabetes and renal diseases. The best part is that they are getting good response from customers as health conscious folks from cities and towns around them come directly to purchase farm fresh organic products from them.





More information on “WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control” FCTC is available @

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